Day 3: Break through!

Today has been really insightful into the break through learning.  Starting the day in Reception and seeing the progress through to Year 4/5, it is has been really interesting to understand and infer the importance of break through to the Stonefields culture.

Learners are guided to make choices about avenues of exploration.  In the EYFS, these were all based around survival but learning different skills or concepts such as making shelters, planning an escape route, communicating, adaptation (survival of the fittest) and ‘cooking in the wilderness’.  In Year 2/3, some children I spoke to had been making finger puppets and were able to document their entire learning journey following the familiar Stonefields model: build knowledge, make meaning and apply understanding.  In Year 4/5, children were also starting a new breakthrough and were completing their End in Mind document.  This was so similar to a research proposal, and children had to plan their learning journey.  Again, they used the learning process to support this.  The learning process is the thread which transcends all teaching and learning in the school, but it also seems that it enables children to be their own teachers.  A Y2/3 teacher told me that one child had used the learning process, and learning in break through, to go home and write an entire book – which was later published!

I have tried to keep some notes on my observations which are available here, but apologies if they are incoherent as I haven’t had chance to refine them yet.

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